Mzansi Business Forum

Mzansi Business Forum is an exclusive based organisation that aims to promote Africa wide entrepreneurs. It aims to be the driver for dialogues on many business topics in order to empower these entrepreneurs to widen their business network, run sustainable businesses, grow their business across the continent and also attract foreign investors


Mzansi Black Business Conference

We have recognised the imbalance which exist in our continent that has negative impact on the growth and dominance of Black Businesses in our economy. It is for this reason that Mzansi Business Forum seeks to unite Entrepreneurs, Government and Private Sector with a vision of promoting and supporting Black Businesses in the African economy.


Uphaphe Legwalagwala Honour

Mzansi Business Forum Board has introduced uPhaphe Legwalagwala Honorary Recognition to Entrepreneurs that the Board believes their efforts to the society have been concealed or not known and therefore needed to be honoured for the role they have played the business sector particularly in job creation, creating sustainable businesses and most importantly the role they have played in transferring skills and developing our youth.


I Support Black Business Campaign

I Support Black Businesses Campaign is driven by Mzansi Business Forum for all South Africans to dedicate a minimum of 10 days a month supporting Black Businesses. Mzansi Business Forum is a Black Business pioneer in our transforming economy that seeks to emphasize the need and the importance of supporting Black Businesses.