About MBF

Mzansi Business Forum (MBF) is an exclusive organisation that aims to promote corporate organisations and entrepreneurs.



To combine Various Business Sectors, Leaders and Entrepreneurs with an aim of creating opportunities that will present platforms of growth in order to create true empowerment.



To create avenues for business discussion that will create opportunities for direct participation in the economy of South Africa and beyond. The main objective for Mzansi Business Forum is to promote a friendly business environment where all members can exchange business advisory service, share knowledge and promote growth for SMME’s.



Collaboration | Innovation | Integrity | Leadership | Performance | Creativity | Quality | Respect



  • Be the driver for discussion on many business topics in order to empower corporate organisations and entrepreneurs.
  • Create and promote platforms that will generate business opportunities for corporate businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Provide networking opportunities by uniting business people and strategic stakeholders to share knowledge and exchange information.
  • Influence socio-economic transformation in South Africa and beyond through developing programmes, ideas and business models that will enable effective operation of financial intermediaries.
  • Initiate platforms that will stimulate opportunities for corporate organisations and entrepreneurs so that they have a positive impact on the economy through market growth.
  • Deliver a useful value-proposition through tangible value-adding benefits for members.

We are dedicated in helping SMME’S achieve their vision through:

Mzansi Business Forum is led by a Board of Directors, our Board is responsible for the growth and to ensure that the Forum capitalises on its opportunities as an ethical, decisive and responsible for all its members. The careful selection of individual directors, to ensure the most appropriate combination of expertise and experience, underpins the effectiveness of the board in fulfilling its role. It is consist of six (6) Board members with representatives from various Sectors, which are (Legal, Finance, Risk Management, Construction and Private Equity). We are proud of the diversity of our Board members; we have 50% male and 50% female, and is also represented by our youth chapter